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United States online incoming Internet home improvement   gimmick is greater than the actual point of pain can subvert the industry? The real estate — people.com.cn people.com.cn September 7 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Qianyuan snow) Internet home — 5 trillion market capacity, there is no monopoly brand more than 1% market share, now after companies staking after several years of development, get the evaluation is the most gimmick than practical, so the industry pain points on the one hand to bring trouble to the consumers, on the other hand is to leave the new market opportunities. Huang Xiangping, vice president of Gome online communication in the media conference announced that the United States online household consumption ecological chain planning in the recently held "9.8 Festival home" Gome online media communication conference, Gome online vice president Huang Xiangping said, the reason why the Internet home give users a gimmick than practical "consumer experience, market structure from the most Internet home improvement company is the service chain. With the Internet home market to enter the boom, Tmall, Jingdong, millet and other companies have entered the board, but most of the lack of experience, it is difficult to shake the pattern of the traditional line of home improvement. The Internet home market are disjointed, the design and construction of building materials prices opaque, Jerry, procrastination, King terms such as chaos, consumer complaints, need subversion and innovation, "said Huang Xiangping. Huang Xiangping believes that the face of the 5 trillion market capacity of the Internet home improvement industry, fundamentally solve the problem of service chain broken, will occupy the commanding heights of the industry’s core competitiveness. "The United States online recently made a useful attempt, hoping to get through the household consumption ecological chain through the scene mode, the new mode of Pathfinder Internet home," Huang Xiangping said. Solve the gimmick is greater than the actual, credit is the first threshold. Gome online virtual business center director Cao Baocang believes that the Internet is the first thing to go through the consumer trust. Cao Baocang, for example, the United States on the Internet in the home improvement business to take the use of third party supervision and acceptance of the company’s system and the United States online first payment system, I hope the first payment system through the constraints of user acceptance. In the face of the service chain broken industry pain points, Internet companies to establish a strong home supply chain and construction team is imperative. Cao Baocang introduction, in terms of supply chain construction, the current United States online home improvement using third party cooperation model, the brand will be selected and the United States online bundled. Construction team on the reserves, the United States has been in line with the more than and 400 parties to enter the construction of DIY materials city. The user orders, the United States online to send a single, door-to-door service partners by the foreman, foreman asked daily after the completion of satisfaction to the customer in accordance with the United States online "devil craft" process. For users concerned about the follow-up warranty and other issues, the United States will take the online first to the construction side of the deposit, the quality of the United States and the United States will be the first online deposit, and then communicate with the construction side. For the renovation of the material warranty, the United States will be in accordance with the provisions of the material manufacturers in the warranty period, there is a problem, by the United States online payment. The Internet is the most difficult to solve the psychological gap problem. We turn from the first step to the final step into 19 nodes, after each step of acceptance相关的主题文章:

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