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Warm heart: health care workers help deaf children were handwritten paper smoothly "when it hurts, the gas force" "no pain no force" to start the anesthetic, do not force a "good"!!!" "The baby is coming out, come on!"………… More than a dozen large and small pieces of paper, so that a special maternal successfully spent 14 hours of production, became a happy mother. Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter learned that this is what happened in obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University ("red house hospital") in the warm heart of the scene, witnessed the doctor-patient trust and support. The 30 year old Shi Lei (a pseudonym) is a red house in the District Hospital of Yangpu school district deaf husband pregnant women, is also deaf. Although the inconvenience of communication, but the pregnancy is very smooth. September 20th at 6 in the morning, Shi Lei for the first time pregnant for 39 weeks, premature rupture of membranes was emergency income delivery room. From the morning of 10 a.m. to 16 p.m., Shi Lei contractions are more and more rules, from the first to 10 minutes at a time without contraction, once 5-6 minutes. Seeing the upcoming birth, medical personnel problems appeared in the swing: Shi Lei does not hear, nor speak, doctors and nurses can only gestures to communicate with her, how can let her well understand very well matched again? 17 in the afternoon, Shi Lei’s mouth has been opened at the height of 2 cm. Because Shi Lei had experienced two lumbar fracture surgery, doctors can not determine the suitability of painless childbirth for the use of Shi Lei. Careful medical staff to think of a special way to say to write a piece of paper, a little bit to communicate with her. "Do you know which part of your lumbar spine fracture?" The anesthesiologist wrote on the paper. The stone Leiyao shook his head. "Does your family know about you?" She was still shaking her head. "I worry that if you play in the original lumbar fracture, may cause nerve injury, not suitable for labor analgesia and lumbar anesthesia, anesthesia to see these words written by the doctor, Shi Lei very understand nodded. 3 cm, 4 cm, and 8 cm…… Check the palace mouth, fetal heart monitoring, observation of maternal signs and reactions, each operation is carried out in a steady and orderly manner. After 13 hours of pain, 19:15, Shi Lei’s mouth is open. At night, it is busy busy working in the Department of Obstetrics, personnel tension, fast-paced, and how to make Shi Lei smooth delivery? On duty doctors and midwives team to overcome the difficulties, the previous "1 midwives" mode of temporary adjustment into "1+1" mode, namely "1 midwives +1 translation". The midwife Chunxian side evaluation delivery week side dictation, maternal guidance force; and "translation" Wang Yan quickly write down dictation, "paper + + mouth gesture potential" three combination let women can fully understand and cooperate with. For a simple sentence of ordinary women, for Shi Lei, understanding and action have a certain degree of difficulty. Legs should be separated, and legs will be clamped to the baby, the baby is easy to damage." Write down the words, Zhou Chunxian and Wang Yan and then put out a separate hand gestures; hand grasp rod, force!" "Birth pain when" hard "," oh!!!" One side of the Wang Yan Shi Lei gestures to a hand railing posture. Wait until the baby’s head and shoulders before and after delivery, P相关的主题文章:

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