We have come to the high reputation ratings won the first frequency variety – Sohu won the praise of www.avtt.net

"We have come to the" high reputation ratings won the first frequency variety – Sohu won the praise of Sun Yang Zhang Jike to lead the ratings frenzy entertainment entertainment Sohu   "we have come to the Dalian Railway Station on Friday the first phase of" strong broadcast, with high popularity and good reputation to win when the evening star channel ratings champion. According to the data show that the program csm31 City ratings of 1.52, the share of 4.41%, once again picked the ratings crown. A popular champion Zhang Jike and Sun Yang portrait of joining, the combination of sports and entertainment "gods" star, wipe out the high reputation of "warm in" new spark, maddening countless loyal audience and enthusiastic fans sought to become the leader in the Friday variety. "Experiential" design competition "thrilling upgrade the ultimate penalty" heavy taste "we have come to the" in the aspects of the game has been adhering to not tear, not noisy, not because of the "warm variety" mode, to achieve the "Oriental female perspective, to show the beauty of Chinese civilization" program purpose and goals. This program will experience this kind of competition sports model and romantic seaside city of Dalian to achieve the perfect combination of both the thrills of motorboat racing, or the funny gravel beach water will relay, the sea and the beach is the one and only show the charm of Dalian does not become the most incisive. Copy of the unforgettable experience. Motorboat race, guests feel the speed and passion of the sea surf. Excellent water Sun Yang Benz in the sea wind surf look handsome and charming, not afraid of high Jiang Yiyan had some fear, but personally driving a motorboat still surprised her carefree infinite, Captain Yuan Hong team two times "for the team to charge into the enemy ranks, winning the urgent mood vividly screen, the Olympic competition spirit everywhere. In the game, the guests enjoy the fun of the game, but also in the strict rules of the game to stimulate unlimited potential. Gravel beach relay games, guests on the uneven stone, endure the pain, scream and run the figure of the audience is not only a kind of entertainment, but a kind of "fight" spirit. Still holding watermelon flying Sheenah let users love and worship, "deserved the title of the game. Table tennis game, Zhang Jike to an enemy ten, the champion style. Jiang Yiyan repeatedly smashes, in stark contrast with the usual feminine image, won the praise of numerous. The punishment aspect of the game after the end of the guests, on the "five mixed drinks" heart refused, Carina Lau a "bet", will punish the drink in one gulp, so the "game spirit" admirable. The Olympic champion show variety skills romantic beach wishes bearing the Olympic champion Sun Yang Zhang Jike and Rio Olympic Games after the first variety show "we choose to" show, once again confirms the strong comprehensive strength of Hunan satellite TV, and the guests on the show a high degree of recognition and trust. Sun Yang swimming the most potential strength of the war, the hearts of the Olympic star idol, in the show he is a motorboat on the wave of youth "," naughty is table tennis referee ", or funny, adorable shuabao he sell a variety of black, unlimited potential. Zhang Jike with superb!相关的主题文章:

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