Wei Xiaoming announced the eleven Anqing – Anhui week opening exhibition of Huangmei Opera channel – 660003

Wei Xiaoming announced the "eleven" Anqing – Anhui week opening exhibition of Huangmei Opera channel people.com.cn promote "sing up" Huangmei go to "go out" 2016 in Anqing "eleven" Zhou Longzhong Wang Jinshan Yang Duoliang attended the opening of the Huangmei Opera performances Wei Xiaoming Chen Bingbing announced the opening speech of Anqing news network news, the afternoon of September 28th, 2016, Anqing "eleven" Huangmei Opera performances week the opening ceremony was held in the city of Huangmei Opera Art center. The National People’s Congress deputy director of agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, former Secretary of the Anhui provincial Party committee Wang Jinshan, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC Anhui Province, the Tenth CPPCC Chairman Yang Duoliang, Chinese Association Branch of Party members, the Deputy Secretary General Zhu Zhengming, Deputy Minister of provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial civilization office director He Maoxie, city leaders Wei Xiaoming, Chen Bingbing, Zhang Jinrui, Wang Biao, Chen Aijun Zhang Junyi, Song Shengjun, Zhang Song, Hu Hongbing, Lei, equality and attended the opening ceremony. The theatre famous scholars and experts from Taiwan and Taiwan guests, heart Anqing entrepreneurs, representatives of the press friends inside and outside the province and the city of Anqing from all walks of life of nearly 800 people attended the opening ceremony. Wei Xiaoming announced the 2016 "eleven" Anqing Huangmei performances week. Chen Bingbing delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that in recent years, we further implement the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the work of the forum, in the implementation of the "cultural city" strategy, focus on strengthening the Huangmei research, creation and performance, adhere to the "an art festival every year, every three years, fair play week", which highlights the cultural Huimin, but also enrich the Anqing name card, promoted the inheritance, innovation and development of Huangmei Opera art. Huangmei Opera Festival has become a common concern of the people of the city and even the fans. This year’s exhibition week, we focus on the "plum blossom Award" portrait of the actor performances, where rare opera showcase, traditional drama performances, this paper taking the tour trip to the depth of integration, with the times, grasp the development needs of the people, further promote the Huangmei Opera "singing two" golden week ", to do good Huangmei?" brand for the purpose, in order to show Zhou Bancheng palace of art and culture, the masses Festival feast. "13th Five-Year" period, we will be dedicated to building a vibrant and unique charm of the culture of the city, efforts to build a training base China theatre and opera talent gathering place, Anqing made a contribution to the national art and the world of art. Ding Guangqing, deputy director of the Provincial Department of culture at the opening ceremony. He said, Huangmei in our province is the most artistic vitality and the most influential brand of opera, Huangmei Opera performances held in Zhou Shiwo Province, showing the creation of prosperity Huangmei art achievements, an important measure to promote cultural huimin. Since the exhibition week, spawned a number of excellent programs and talents, enrich the literary arena, stimulating cultural consumption, added light for the construction of innovative cultural province. Anqing is a historical and cultural city, is a "play" of the city, the economic and social development, thriving, the masses love opera, theatre, opera, Pingju opera, Pingju will provide rich soil, for the inheritance and development of Huangmei opera. Anqing City, organized by Huangmei performances week, efforts to create a "golden week Huangmei." cultural brand, meet the people)相关的主题文章:

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