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Welcome to National Taiwan University boys girls underwear off off underwear to welcome new underwear off Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan science and technology university logistics management department, marketing department, Department of Applied Foreign Electronic and environmental technology and Property Management Department of the 4 Department, the West Lake resort jointly organized a year, was actually forced newborn boys and girls underwear and underwear off. Taiwan is already the gender scholars lashed out, collective public schools can not only punish sexual harassment, gender equality education after the more important. With the network of Jinwen University of science and technology 4 departments jointly held the day before freshman orientation, students actually forced the boys to take off pants, girls take off underwear, but also with others, candy, and even drink spit out of the water, the participants were scared the night to the teacher cried: "too disgusting I want to go home," the only good tour package will be back to the students, and parents to apologize, will punish Department of cadres. The school held a press conference this morning, said the Department will send cadres to learn fair. The Institute of Medicine Professor of gender Ling Fang Cheng said, did not seek the consent of others, any touch about body power requirement is sexual harassment. King of arts students do this absurd requirement for all freshmen to participate in the new, more open collective sexual harassment. Network with Ling Fang Cheng said, even if some freshman has grown, but generally freshman, senior has some authority. Especially in the group, even if no one disgruntled opposition is limited by the unequal power relations, the new opinion is for students not protest. The use of such students is equal to the authority, let the students. Ling Fang Cheng said, students think of fun and excitement, but no gender equality concept, need to re education, the school is not to the demerit, because education is more important than punishment. (Taiwan, China) editor: Shao Botao相关的主题文章:

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