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What is the "black" and "silver" homicide script similar coincidence, people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn script with the original title: "silver murder is similar to the" coincidence of French professional background, but has the best directorial debut guide ninth FIRST Youth Film Festival’s award, shortlisted Berlin Film Festival of new generation unit…… Yesterday afternoon, the director Wang Yichun with the film "what’s black" to meet with the audience in Nanjing. In the face of "Chinese version of" murder recollection "and" evaluation "silver serial murder" similar problems, female director Wang Yichun said, she this movie point but not suspense emotion, especially female adolescent growth. Yangzi Evening News reporter Kong Xiaoping Wen Xinhua newspaper reporter You Xiaoyuan photo visual center debut has won a FIRST Award for best director, the film tells the story of 1991 occurred in an aircraft factory family area serial bizarre girl rape and murder, with suspense outerwear package, tells the girl growth story in the last century in 90s and covered with feelings of style, delicate touch the heart. Director Wang Yichun is 70 years later, the creation of what is black at the beginning of the beginning of the year, on the one hand, because of his father’s death brought touches, on the one hand, want to shoot a different youth growth film 2002". It is understood that the film is not a Wang Yichun, this work their investment, screenwriter, director, lead a few people in the team, finished the movie. This feature film debut appeared as the lead in the industry concerned. First, in July last year won the best director award at the FIRST Youth Film Festival, and the jury President Jiang Wen Li Ting: "a rare calm, so bad, so absurd works." Since they have selected the German Berlin International Film Festival "new generation" competition, Shanghai International Film Festival Asian New Talent Award, the New York Asian Film Festival, the Sydney International Film Festival and a dozen international film festival. With the "silver serial murder" coincidentally similar because the film started ten city propaganda, many critics have seen the film, and said "what is the" black "Chinese version of" murder recollection "," the director Wang Yichun said: "I was a little way out of this, is by the little girl look at the perspective of the adult world, the Korean film" not "face the most tragic memories of murder. "The memory of killing" is my favorite movie, if not seen, I may not have the courage to deal with it as a result of the case." While the social hot spot "silver serial murder" and the film has a lot of similarities, are serial rape and murder, the audience can not help also think of it, in this regard, Wang Yichun said that this is a coincidence, because this movie in 2002 she began to write the script, go to the festival last year. The film is more involved in the female puberty point mapping field to see the tablet on the inside and outside the movie a lot more of reporters, with ink depicting a adolescent growth and the inner world, about her relationship with friends, parents and others. Wang Yichun said this is a "no suspense inspirational youth campus family ethics", that everyone can from)相关的主题文章:

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