Xi’an limit line 4 vehicle emissions of about 590 tons of pollutants 8l9840

Xi’an limit line 4 vehicles less than 590 tons of emissions of pollutants in accordance with the requirements of the Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency plan, since the beginning of this month, 15, from 6, Xi’an launched a motor vehicle limit line of emergency response measures of 20%. On 15 – 18 on vehicle emissions data for 4 consecutive days of motor vehicle, four major pollutants emissions than the limit before the decline of about 17.5%. The reporter learned from Xi’an Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, as of the end of October this year, Xi’an vehicle fleet of about 2 million 550 thousand vehicles. According to the emission standards, the state III (excluding) the following cars about 320 thousand, the country’s emission standards and more than 2 million 80 thousand vehicles. According to estimates, Xi’an motor vehicle emissions of four major pollutants in the total annual emissions of about 320 thousand tons. Vehicle emissions of major pollutants, about 310 thousand tons, of which carbon monoxide (CO), a total of 245 thousand tons of hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOX) of 38 thousand tons, fine particulate matter (PM) of 2 thousand tons. According to the results of the analysis of the sources of particulate matter in our city in 2015, the contribution of motor vehicle exhaust to Xi’an PM2.5 is about 21.4%. According to the national motor vehicle pollutant emissions measurement model estimates, 18 on the tail number is 3 and 8 of the vehicle to take the limit line measures, motor vehicle emissions of about four tons of major pollutants reduction of about 148 tons per day. Among them: carbon monoxide (CO) about 116 tons, hydrocarbons (HC) about 12 tons, nitrogen oxides (NOX) about 19 tons, fine particulate matter (PM) about 1 tons. As a result, 15 – 18 days limit line, Xi’an motor vehicle pollutant emission reduction of about 590 tons of pollutants. Newspaper reporter相关的主题文章:

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