Xiangyang woman because of emotional disputes Mercedes Benz repeatedly hit another woman Audi 3u8813

Xiangyang woman because of emotional disputes Benz repeatedly hit another woman Audi woman driving a Mercedes Benz car crashed another Audi A8, this field can let people think private disputes, finally unexpectedly on the criminal court. [introduction] the case in April this year, one night, Tao Lei woman because of emotional and economic disputes, to find a small party to claim int. Int side wife Zhao Ling (three pseudonym) after that, because the words, two people tear up, be preserved and residential security opened. Tao Lei drove his Mercedes to the underground garage, hit Zhao Ling Audi A8, to force party come int. I did not expect, after the security notice Party, Zhao Ling followed. Saw his car hit, Zhao Ling couldn’t help each other. Tao Lei, more angry. So, she drove a Mercedes Benz hit Zhao Ling’s Audi A8. Until Zhao Ling’s Audi A8 crashed into another Audi parked next to the parking lot, Tao stopped. Continuous collision caused Zhao Ling’s car left the headlights, the left wing and bumper damaged a number of parked in the car, Zhao Ling Audi also scratched the body. Residential security alarm immediately rushed. After the police arrived, sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention. After the City Price Bureau Price authentication center identification, Zhao Ling vehicle loss value of 3.7 yuan. The Audi car parked in the neighborhood because the car is damaged, spent 1500 yuan repairs. On suspicion of intentional destruction of property crimes, in April 15th, Tao Lei criminal detention by the police. July 18th, prosecutors to prosecute the crime of Tao tao. Xiangyang court in the Xiangcheng district court believes that Lei Lei deliberately destroy other people’s property, the larger the amount of their acts constitute the crime of intentional destruction of property. Because this case is caused by emotional disputes, Zhao Ling’s intensification of the conflict there is a certain fault. Tao Lei in the police at the scene when others wait, after appearing in court truthfully confession of the facts of the crime, has voluntarily surrendered themselves, and actively compensate the economic losses, with statutory and discretionary lighter punishment. Tao Lei for relatively minor crimes, there is repentance, the social investigation, probation no significant adverse impact on the residential community, in accordance with the law can adapt to probation. Court sentenced him to one year imprisonment, suspended for one year. Yesterday, the judge told reporters, according to the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" provisions of article 275th, intentional destruction of public or private property, large amount or other serious circumstances, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, criminal detention or a fine. Zhao Ling and Tao Lei before the incident, although there is a dispute, although there are some mistakes Zhao Ling, but not necessarily caused by the implementation of intentional destruction of property Lei lei." The judge said, because Tao Lei intentionally hit Zhao Ling’s car, and caused the loss of vehicles amounted to more than five thousand yuan, according to the law, shall be filed for investigation and prosecution.相关的主题文章:

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