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Xiantao rural road maintenance obligations sixty elderly 30 years as one daily for Zhou Hualin on his way to fill potholes on the road bumpy, a sixty old man, driving an electric tricycle, waving a shovel, pick, from time to time to stop on the road to the pit filled. To let the past go comfortable ", his 30 years as one day in September 25th, adhere to the road maintenance obligations, the author was the way to look for the" contemporary man". A tricycle, a shovel, pick Zhou Hualin inseparable working tools. He got up every morning at three or four o’clock, the day before dawn before the arrival of the pathway, one day. Summer, braving the sun sweating; winter, the snow stopped, he would carry a shovel and pick on the road, clear icy road, face and hands are frozen cracked. The year 2016, when people still immersed in the joy of the atmosphere of the new year, Zhou Hualin at 2 in the morning fighting on the road, for 6 days of hard work, finally filled the small hole in the road, the people in the village and the drivers are moved by his behavior. Zhou Hualin told the author that he had been doing business in Hanzheng Street beach, business is also a small achievement. In 2000 the business to the daughter-in-law RBI returned home a few acres of land, a granddaughter, old age. A shuttle bus and other children in the granddaughter, see the school bus in disrepair and bumpy road, sitting in the car on the children with body shaking nervous and frightened eyes, his heart tightened, the shade for these kids to do a bit of what the idea of certain ideas, returned home with with his wife, spent 3000 yuan to buy a small electric tricycle and shovel, pick and other tools, to meet the site near the site, dumping of construction waste brick and stone, with a tricycle to pull back, before the pathway (the only access to the city of the village road) along the road is filled, met with protruding part pick plane. Since then, on this road busy. "What do you of these things, the children let you come back to enjoy, don’t you name or money so hard, for what……" His wife rather puzzled, repeatedly complained about Zhou Hualin. Zhou Hualin was a muscle, particularly bad place to see immediately carry on shovel, pick to repair, this stick is 30 years. Asked about the 30 years adhere to the village road maintenance of the mind, Zhou Hualin even said he is not impulsive, roads are public welfare undertakings, now the party’s policy, I don’t have to worry, do not worry about clothes, affluent life, only for the children in the car less bumpy bitter. Moreover, the maintenance of highway exercise." Zhou Hualin hey hey laugh a laugh. Now the rural farming implement mechanized operation, some road field due to mechanical driving is uneven, Zhou Hualin often took a shovel, to the fields around the uneven pavement encounter with a spade digging fill, obtained favorable agricultural machinery driver and villagers of gratitude and praise. "Sometimes, when you are old, you can’t do anything, especially if the route is long……" Now more than and 60 year old Zhou Hualin said in an interview, and now the road is often heavy car from here, although he is every day maintenance, but the vehicle rolling every day or busy. His sense of deeds!相关的主题文章:

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