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Zhang Lijun: Han Han and Zhang Yueran and other writers fade out is inevitable – although the intergenerational division Sohu reading group of writers has been controversial, but the word in Chinese intergenerational literary history does have the significance and value of specific identity and community spirit. Since 1998 the first new concept of composition contest started, a large number of writers was born, brought a breeze into the literary world contrary to expectation, even overshadowed the 70 writers. During this year’s Shanghai book fair, 80 writer Zhang Yueran book "cocoon" articles appeared, another 80 writer Han Han for the site to help out, and dialogue with readers. 80 after the youth writing writer has become fashionable for a time, but also as they grow older, no longer young, and low tide force. Then view the history and the present, how to evaluate the glorious years 80 writers experienced? They made what contribution to contemporary literature Chinese? How do they go in the future? What will be the change and development? Here, the reporter dialogue two famous Youth Literary Critics: Vice President of the College of Shandong Normal University, Professor, Ph.D. Ma Bing, associate professor and Professor Zhang Lijun of Shandong University college. The 80 writers "limelight has passed" very normal Qilu Evening News: this year, the Shanghai book fair, 80 writer Zhang Yueran book "cocoon" articles appeared, another 80 writer Han Hanliang help array. From the writing point of view, in recent years, 80 after the influence of the writer’s impression seems to be greatly reduced, the limelight has passed". How do you evaluate this phenomenon Zhang Lijun: Zhang Yueran is one of the earliest, most creative and influential writers in the 80’s writing group in china. With the passage of time, the original youth writing labels gradually fade, Han Han basically out of the pure literary writing, so their aura of the past is a natural retreat. Because of this, their original role writers can be really clear, instead of being coerced by the market. After a few years of precipitation, after 80 writers and readers are more calm and wise, and this is not the writer’s misfortune. On the contrary, this is a good thing for them, which makes them more focused on the work and its own. Horsemen: 80 writers surfaced is the beginning of the new century, especially the new concept of composition contest launched Han Han, Guo Jingming, Zhang Yueran et al., more than and 10 years today, they are inferior to the thunder debut when more normal, and 80 represents "the youth writing" the significance to have failed now, the students love to see is 90 Lu Sihao, Zhang Haochen. In addition, in the new media era, the intergenerational transfer of literary icons is faster and faster. 80 after losing the sensational effect is inevitable. Qilu Evening News: Eileen Chang said "to be famous as". At this point, after 80 writers are lucky, their debut, on the basis of youth writing successfully completed a certain contemporary expression, and earlier in the history of literature occupy a favorable position. But looking back, will not become a burden on the early fame and has been in an awkward position after the 70 writers compared to literature on stamina, you are more optimistic about which generation?.相关的主题文章:

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