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Zhejiang women’s volleyball team on their sea Amoy uniforms and shoes for the team since the purchase of the newspaper news (reporter Liao Xugang Jiashan) last night, Zhejiang women’s volleyball team and the Yunnan team in their home court in Jiashan. This is the first game in their new season, has won the national championship in three years before the Zhejiang women’s volleyball team, will once again to honor the attack, even though their lineup did not change in three years, while the other teams have started to introduce foreign aid, the aid of two Tianjin women’s Volleyball team at a cost of 12 million yuan. For the Zhejiang women’s volleyball team running for three seasons. This is a new season, thanks to the Chinese women’s volleyball Olympic Games in Rio won the national tournament ranked boost, operators and the center of the tube began to try new, — "men and women volleyball league marketing Hawkeye" system was introduced in each League home court, each league are available through the mobile phone tracking scores, high level foreign aid is also Chinese to get together…… Everything is in the direction of the transformation, but also some "historical issues" waiting to crack, such as this year’s women’s Volleyball League all the team’s uniforms and shoes are varied, for the team since the purchase. On the eve of the league season, a domestic sports brand and volleyball league cooperation suddenly collapsed, causing all of the team had to find the old uniforms carry off all that one has to wear, Zhejiang women’s volleyball team is one of them. This year the league, because of the contract because of the market operators League until September to prepare for the new season of various matters, no time to make new uniforms, the women’s volleyball team can only repeat themselves, some are old, some are purchased. Zhejiang women’s volleyball coach Wu Sheng talked about this issue yesterday, seems a little ridiculous, "my team coach to buy clothes this thing tube." According to Wu Sheng said, he in the League before the women’s volleyball team are scattered to Hangzhou sports store to find the clothes, but the effect is not ideal, "code of professional uniforms, but also makes the same style set, no stores can provide, transfer goods. Seeing the league is getting closer, only friends, contact the foreign manufacturers’ sea Amoy ‘, urgent rushed shipped in, pay tariffs, only a few days ago I did not get, too." In addition, the new season of the men and women ranked order book has not published, the reporter learned from the Jiashan home court learned that the Zhejiang women’s volleyball team’s first home court game day, the electronic version of the order volume has just sent to the home court, and printed a few days to. The Zhejiang team was the first Hawkeye challenge in the game yesterday, the domestic system let the two teams players waited for five minutes. Wu Sheng said that the beginning of this year the League was a bit messy, but many changes can be seen signs of hope, he believed that the League after adjustment, will become better.相关的主题文章:

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